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How to use a datapicker with a contact information module
How to use a datapicker with a contact information module

A datapicker can be used to apply predefined information to contacts.

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Updated: 21.12.2020, by: Jesper jakobsen

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The datapicker is for all of us who want to simplify the sign-up process for newcomers, while making sure that all relevant information is attached to the new contacts.

The way it works is that your contact picks one piece of predefined information - such as department - and along with this, additional relevant info - could be affiliated manager and name of the company - is applied. In this way, you'll make the sign-up process faster and more simple for the contacts, as well as easily manageable for you.

Have an Excel spreadsheet ready with the information you wish to include in the datapicker:

Create datapicker

  1. Create a message and select Data

  2. Upload the Excel spreadsheet under input data and click on next

  3. Under search/select, choose the columns for search (search field) and selection (dropdown), and set which columns to store on contact fields.

Connect datapicker to contact info form

When editing the contact information module, check use datapicker and pick from the drop-down. Here, you can read more about how to set up an automation that starts when a contact info module is filled out.

Create contact fields

If you need more information about creating contact fields, have a look here.

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