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Social wall exports
Social wall exports

It is now possible to export data from your social walls!

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Written: 25.01.2022, by: Jesper Jakobsen

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What is new?

You now have the option to download/export analytics from your social walls. It is very similar to the process of exporting analytics from messages and the metrics are also more or less the same! This is great for you, who wants to gain more info and knowledge on the usage of your social walls, and will also allow you to gather more info in order to do comparisons and also to set and achieve targets.

Where and how can I do this?

You create your export by navigating to your social wall settings, in the navigation bar on the left-hand side. Then you click on 'Create report' and select either 'For this workspace' or 'For all workspaces' depending on which of the two exports you would like.

What kind of data can I get in the report?

Picking the data fields you would like in the export, is very similar to when you get an export from a message or academy. On the screenshot below you can see which data fields are available.

You can get data from a specific workspace or from all your workspaces. So, if you have 2 (A & B) workspaces, that each have 5 active social walls, you can either get the export for 5 (either A or B) or all 10 social walls (both A and B), when exporting. You can get data on a group level and on a contact level.

Private groups

The data from the private groups will remain anonymous, but it will allow you to get some data out, in order to keep track of the usage and frequency. In the screenshot above you can see which data fields can be gathered from the private groups.

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