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Creating an Automation that starts when a contact info module is filled out
Creating an Automation that starts when a contact info module is filled out

Start a flow of messages that are automatically sent to contacts

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Updated: 19.05.2023, by: Laura Tierney

Estimated time to read: 6 - 7 mins.

This article is a step-by-step guide that you can use when building automations that you would like to have triggered by a contact info module being filled out. It is advised to keep automations simple and not too long.

Creating an Automation that starts when you send a message

  • Go to Automation and click 'create automation'

Choose what should start the automation

  • Double click the green start button to the left

  • Choose 'contact created/updated' from the drop-down and save

  • Click the 'double arrow' icon at the top right of the screen

  • Put a tick in the box next to the message you wish should trigger the automation when a contact info module have been submitted. If you haven't created the message, you can always attach it afterward

Insert and connect actions

  • Drag and drop a 'new action' button from the top left to the page

  • Connect the 'start button' and the new actions

Add rules between actions

Double click on 'rules' and set the type:

  • All quizzes done

  • Time delay - specify time delay

  • Media played - set specifications

  • Contact group membership - select group

  • Contact has tags - add the tag

  • Is custom contact field - add from drop-down

  • Is insight field - set specifications

Choose which task the action should perform

  • Double click the 'action'

  • Select 'send message' from the drop-down

  • Select the message you wish to be sent when a contact reaches this action

  • Save

Now we have created an automation that starts when someone fills out a contact info module. You can add as many new actions that you wish in order to do more with your automation. You can also add group membership rules to create several flows that differentiate between which messages your contacts should receive.

Automation troubleshooting?

If you are experiencing problems with your automation, please check our automation troubleshooting guide.

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