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Updating contact info in the app
Updating contact info in the app

In this article: Contact information flow for new contacts and editing contact information for contacts and managers.

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How to update contact information in the app:

Contacts can edit their own contact info and managers can update their employee's contact info too, following these steps:

  1. A contact goes to their own profile and clicks on the Edit Contact Information button. A manager can go to any of his employee's contacts and edit their contact information.

  2. Contacts can edit their own phone number and e-mail and choose whether or not to hide the contact information in the app. A manager can also edit the phone number and email and choose whether or not the contact should re-send the homepage link.

  3. The contact or manager saves the info and the profile is now updated with the new info.

See the steps below, the first is contact updating their own contact info and the second is a manager updating an employee's info:

Manager updating employee info:

How does the onboarding flow work?

When a new contact logs in for the first time they will go through the following steps:

  • Verify and/or update contact information. This is to ensure that their phone or email is up-to-date, so they can be reached and can later log in again.

  • Choose their notification settings. Making it easy to choose preferred channels between SMS, email, and push notifications.

  • (Optional) Agree to terms of use, if this has been switched on (see picture below).

The flow will only show up for new contacts/employees, and only the first time they log in. It will also show up if a manager changes contact data for an employee, so they have a chance to update/accept the changes.

What notifications can be enabled or disabled by the contact?

The contact can enable or disable the SMS, Email, and Push notifications of:

  • Content publish

  • Mentions

  • Interesting comments

  • Social groups

In order to do so just ask the contact to access their profile by clicking on See your profile on the Native App or Web App then click on Notification Settings and select the notification that wants to disable or enable.

keep in mind that the contact might be able to edit or not depending on the Default Notifications in Admin > App SetUp where the Admin can decide if the notifications can be enabled or disabled for every contact, or if they can override or not:

  • Content published:

  • Social notifications:

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