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How to add and use Feedback modules

Use input modules such as feedback field, NPS, slider and upload module to engage and get feedback from your contacts.

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In the feedback modules, you can find Survey, Slider, NPS (Net-promotor Score), Upload, and Feedback (comments):

What is the Survey module and how do I use it?

A Survey is a section where you can type a question and add the replies as Buttons as default it will be multiple-choice but you can change it to a single choice:

Besides, you can select an image for each reply, decide whether to take an action or not after the button is clicked, as well as, show a message after the button is clicked:

NB: when Selecting Condition: All questions answered prevent submission of the survey without this question being answered.

How do I use the Slider module?

  1. Click on Create a message

  2. Select Slider

  3. Select between numbers and emojis, then choose your caption and set your scale range.

Note: You can insert explanations for each step of the scale, to make it easier for your recipients to understand what they mean. Besides, you can add an action after the number is selected, and show a message as well:

How do I use the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

  1. Click on Create a message

  2. Select NPS

  3. Add a question or something to be rated under 'Question'

  4. Add an action and/or some text to 'what is shown when clicked'. You can also leave it as it is.

In Actimo, the NPS is set for customer responses. You can change this to eNPS (Employer Net Promoter Score) if you'd like to use it as an internal measurement. Then it is recommendable to change the caption to something like:

  1. “How likely are you to recommend this company to a friend or relative?” OR:

  2. “How likely would you be to recommend this company’s products or services to a friend or colleague?”

Remember to be consistent going forward so you'll receive results based on the same variable if you are to use it for measuring NPS or eNPS.

What is the Upload module and how do I use it?

The upload module allows your recipients to upload videos and photos to the message and your content library. If you have a photo contest, this would be a great way to go about it.

We recommend that you provide your recipients with a couple of guidelines on how to create great content.

  1. Click on Create a message

  2. Select Upload

Select which types of content you'll allow people to upload. If you want the content to be accessible in your content library, check to save uploaded files to the Content library, then pick the folder you want to put the files in.

What is the feedback module and how do I use it?

The feedback module consists is a section where contacts can provide feedback on your platform in a comment format. The feedback always is either private or anonymous and is often used to get input or suggestions from contacts.

How to create and use:

  1. Click on Create a message

  2. Click on Feedback

  3. Add a placeholder (example: "Let us know what you think"), a Text on the button (example: "Send feedback"), and a Text on the button when clicked (example: "Thank you").

  4. Under advanced settings, you can select what should happen when the feedback is submitted. You can add multiple actions to your submit button when recipients click it.

NB: By default, feedback will not be public. This means that other recipients of the message will not be able to see each other's comments.

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If you have any other questions please reach out to support through [email protected]

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