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Pulse Survey

Pulse Survey is a communication and feedback tool that empowers HR departments and managers to boost engagement among employees and teams.

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What is Pulse Survey?

Whether your employees are situated in different locations nationwide or are spread in different countries around the world, their sentiment and happiness at work are vital to your organization.

Pulse Survey is a tool that provides exactly these insights on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis and can extent the annual employee appraisals. They're automated and frequent feedback loops between managers and their employees.

This means that each manager will get the insights and real-time snapshots of employee sentiment in a dashboard format directly on their phone. This will extend knowledge about how they're doing and what you can do to increase engagement among the people that form the culture of your company, ensuring their happiness.

We hosted a webinar about Pulse Surveys. You can watch it here.

How to create a Pulse?

How does it work?

  • Categorize content into sections for easy visualization.

  • Control intervals and pause when needed.

  • Build trust and increase engagement with anonymous feedback.

Pulse Surveys are set up to run in weekly, monthly, or quarterly loops. Questions in these surveys are mapped in meaningful categories that enable managers to easily understand the feedback they get and take action as needed. It's a prerequisite for running Pulse Surveys to have managers mapped on contacts in Actimo.

Ensure trust with anonymous feedback and data

Feedback from Pulse Surveys is anonymous and replies at an individual level will never be accessible. Data will be available in aggregated form when three or more respondents have submitted their answers. If fewer than three people have submitted their answers, no data will be available.

Configure and start a Pulse Survey (Admin rights required)

Configure pulse survey

  1. Go to Editor section and click and navigate to the lead section and select Pulse.

  2. Add a name and click on create Pulse.

  3. In Design, we have prepared the first two pages of the survey to inspire you and get you started. Buttons to start and submit the survey are added automatically.

Add more questions and categories

When you start a new Pulse Survey, a number of questions and categories will be available in the default setup. If you need other questions or categories, you can easily add them in your admin settings:

  1. Go to Admin.

  2. Click on the Pulse tab.

  3. Add the categories and questions you need and hit Save.

You can for instance ask “Are you motivated at work?” and “Do you have a close colleague at work?” and map these two questions into the category “Churn risk”.

One or more categories

You can set up your Pulse Survey as a simple measurement of the mood among the employees - Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), or with more questions and categories.

For example, you can ask eight questions each month, where questions 1 to 3 adds up in a category “Motivation”, 4-6 adds up in “Guidance” and 7 and 8 adds up in “Direction”. The average of the categories is the overall score, which you can name “Leadership”, “Pulse Index” or whatever suits your program.

Start Pulse Survey

  1. Navigate from Design to Publish.

  2. First set your Frequency settings. Select a start date, whether you want the loop to be weekly, monthly or quarterly, and restrict the send out time to deliver on weekdays and within office hours.

  3. Now add the target employees in the contact's field.

  4. Check your preferred delivery method.

  5. Activate.

Add more employees to a running Pulse Survey

If you wish to add more employees or groups of employees to a Pulse Survey that is already running, you can do so by adding them in the contact's field on the publish page of the template Pulse and activating. They will then be in the loop from the next sendout.

Put your Pulse Survey on pause

There might be times around a year, where you'll find it appropriate to pause your Pulse Surveys, especially if the frequency is set to weekly or monthly.

In order to pause a Pulse Survey, click on the Three dots and then "Set to inactive". The Pulse status will change to Inactive. If you wish to reactivate it again, click the Three dots and then "Set to active".

Get the data

The Analytics generated from your Pulse Surveys is aggregated, based on three or more respondents, and anonymous. Data will be sorted according to the categories you've set up.

It's available in a dashboard on the respective managers' phones, where they can follow progression in scores by category, as well as a three months rolling average. Also, data is available in an Excel export that you can download from the platform.

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