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Measure your employee loyalty with eNPS ❤️
Measure your employee loyalty with eNPS ❤️

Drive meaningful change the right places in your company

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eNPS is internal employee equivalent of the normal NPS used in b2b / b2c. This playbook will show you a simple way to create and report on eNPS within your company. The goal is to measure employee loyalty by asking if they would recommend their own workplace as a workplace for others.

NB: IF you do not have eNPS as a module in your Actimo platform please reach out to [email protected].

Below you see the flow I created for using eNPS from the perspective of the employee.

Pro tip: I added a Gif at the top of the Message with a bit of interactive graphics and text. Feel free to add your own banner or images.

Build your eNPS

  • Create a Survey Message and give it a title. I chose "Q1 23' eNPS" to highlight for user that it is this quarter's eNPS.

  • Add a banner image at the top (if you wish).

  • Add the NPS module and set the score from 0-10 with interval of 1. Also make it required and add the text "How likely is it that you would recommend Kahoot as a workplace to others?".

This is my preferred eNPS text. There is also a version adding "recommend to family and friends", but I have often heard that people say " I wouldn't work with my family", so it becomes a lot less complicated by having "others". Anyway, you decide.

  • Now add a page at the bottom of the message. The button on your front page will now say "next". I chose to change it to "Submit score" to make it clear that you are now adding score.

  • On the second page add a text field with the text "Please elaborate on your score? All answers are anonymous and will help us improve our workplace 🥳".

  • Add a feedback module and remove the required field. Otherwise you will get a lot of ".", "x" etc.

  • Consider changing the after submission text on your Submit button by editing it. I chose "Your answers have been submitted. Thank you.".

  • IMPORTANT! To make the survey anonymous you have to tick the "anonymise message statistics" on the publish page advanced settings.

  • Send the survey to yourself to test the flow. If you wish not be a part of the eNPS score for the real send-out, you can simply duplicate it and you will have fresh analytics.


Once you have send your Survey you will be able to report on the eNPS score.

  • Go to Analytics and see the overall score on the page. This is your overall Company eNPS.

  • You can also send results to others by sharing a report at the top of the analytics page. Remember you can remove the access to the report again if needed.

Advanced reporting

Often it will be relevant to drill-down the eNPS internally. What is our eNPS per store, department etc.

  • Actimo lets you download a report Grouped by a data field in your system. Go to Analytics and click "Create Report".

  • I chose the following settings and grouped it by department.

Please be aware that as we are anonymising the survey it comes with a threshold of 3 answers or more before you can see data grouped. Otherwise it would be fairly simple to see who had answers what. This means that you will not see a department submission unless 3 or more from the same department etc. has answered. See two example below.

With 5 answers from department Customer Success.

5 answers coming from different departments

  • Once you have your report you can calculate your own eNPS per department.

  • Use the calculation I eNPS = (Percentage of Promoters - percentage of Detractors)

  • We have taken the liberty of creating an Excel calculation you can grabbed and downloaded here.

  • You only have to fill in your data and change the yellow cell with department to make the calculation react to your chosen data value.

Pro tip: You could also go deeper into your excel calculation and make the excel calculate all departments at once based on a list of your values. If you do please share with us.

Want us to solve a problem for you?

This challenge was given to our Customer Success Team by one of our amazing customers. If you are sitting with a challenge you would like is to pick up and take on, then please write me at [email protected].

Please also let us know if this was helpful by clicking the emoji's below or sending some feedback via [email protected].

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