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Dashboard is insights into engagements levels among your employees.

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You will have a Dashboard available for each individual workspace, you've set up in your platform. All the data is customizable and clickable. Admins and Editors with access to a workspace will have access to the Dashboard.

Communicate, Train and Lead

These are your insights into performance in your communication, training and lead efforts, in the time period selected for your Dashboard view.


  • Filter on one or more categories - or uncategorized messages

  • See the total open rate for the selected time period

  • Get the overview of active, asleep and bounced employees


  • Drill down performance by one or more departments - or for the people with no department info on their contact card

  • Get the total published academies and the number of employees enrolled

  • Follow progress in your last published academies

  • Also if you have not yet created an academy, you can do so below:


  • Get the insights into the overall engagement for one or more Pulse Surveys and One-on-ones

  • Find out how many Pulse surveys and One-on-ones were published in a given time period - and how many answers have been returned in the same period of time

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