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Buttons in Actimo

How to add buttons and use it's functionalities

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How do I use buttons in Actimo?

There are two types of buttons in Actimo:

  • Text Button

  • Image button

Text button

You'll be able to add a text to show inside the button and a text to show after the button is clicked.

Image button

You can choose between adding from the content library, browsing free images, and Uploading a file.

The image you add will appear as a clickable button.

Extra actions for text and image buttons

Add an action by clicking the blue + Add an action. Choose an action from the dropdown menu.

NB: You can select multiple actions, but only one from the Navigation category.

  • Example: You want to link to a website outside of Actimo - maybe a newspaper article or a game of Kahoot.

    To do so, pick either the image or text button -> add an action -> choose Go to URL from the dropdown menu -> enter the URL in the text field -> choose whether or not you want this URL to open in a new window or not. When the button is clicked, the users will be taken to the URL that you added.

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If you have any other questions please reach out to support through [email protected]

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