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Embed personal dashboards in your Actimo app
Embed personal dashboards in your Actimo app

Use interpolation to embed a personalised dashboards in actimo

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The Embed module in Actimo can be used to embed a dashboard url directly into the app. Using interpolation you will be able to control what data en employee sees in your dashboard.

Requirement: Dashboard tool like PowerBI, Targit or others that can react to a parameter in a url.

API Key: Have an Admin on your platform contact [email protected] or go via your integration specialist.

The flow described

When the flow is running it should work as seen in the picture below.

Your url will call the actimo api and use the GUID to find the corresponding employee id in order to show the data needed. Ending the flow you will call the actimo api to replace the GUID with a new one making sure the combination stays secure.

Preparing actimo

  • Go to Admin (Admin access required) and create a custom field called "GUID". Notice that calling this field you will need to find the field label. It will be data1, data2, etc. You can see this by looking at a contact in the UI with the developer tab open.

  • Add a random GUID manually to your test contact in the UI or via our API (see calls below).

  • Create a message in Actimo and add an embed module.

The API calls needed

You will need to do this API call after each time a contacts has used your url. This will protect your dashboard from anyone being able to reuse the Employee ID + GUID combi to access your Dashboard.

  • Make a PUT request to update an employee in Actimo (Contacts) with a new GUID.

PUT:"contact id"

Again, please notice that custom fields will be called data1, data2 etc. You can see these names using the developer tab in the UI.

Add payload to the body with necessary data you wish to update on the contacts. Here is an example of me doing it.


Questions in regards to the API can be added to one of our integration specialist via [email protected]. If you are being onboarded to Actimo you will already have contact directly with a specialist.

Please also let us know if this was helpful by clicking the emoji's below or sending some feedback via [email protected].

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