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This article will explain how to set up and utilize One-on-ones and provide some inspiration, rate your employees, and drive success.

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What is a one-on-one?

The One-on-one module gives your company the option to evaluate your employees, at a scheduled time, every week, month, quarter, or year, managers can evaluate their staff.

This can be helpful in many ways and serve as a useful tool for developing careers, skills, growth, and keeping track of development. In a way that it gives managers an automated chance to regularly help see their growth and track the development of employees.

How to create a one-on-one:

  1. Navigate to the "Editor" located in the sidebar navigation in Actimo

  2. Under the "Lead" section you will see One-on-One

  3. Select One-on-One and the message composer will open

  4. Here you can start to create and edit your One-on-One

How to Edit or Add to One-on-ones in the Admin section?

You can also add and edit categories in the admin section under:

Admin -> One-on-one.

Here under the admin section, you will see that you can set a target for One-on-ones and set a max value which would be the intervals in which your managers can rate the employees.

You can also add further categories to your one-on-ones and questions to follow those categories and even add more questions to categories already in place.

Start One-on-one

  1. Navigate from Design to Publish

  2. Now, add the target employees in the recipient's field

  3. First, set your frequency settings: Select a start date, whether you want the loop to be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and restrict the send-out time to deliver on weekdays and within office hours

  4. Check your preferred delivery method

  5. Set a send-out time and days of the week

  6. Publish

Add more employees to a running one-on-one

If you wish to add more employees or groups of employees to a one-on-one that is already running, you can do so by adding them in the recipient's field on the send page and activating. They will then be in the loop from the next send-out.

Can I edit one-on-one answers after answering?

Once the one-on-one has been answered, the manager still has the chance to edit their answers. To do so, the manager needs to navigate to the profile section in the app. On the profile section, there is an option "Edit one-on-one" Once selected you can go through each employee, and under their name, a link to "edit" is right below the employee’s name that you can click that would unlock sliders again.

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