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Create an Employee Handbook in Actimo 📚
Create an Employee Handbook in Actimo 📚

Use this playbook to build an Employee Handbook (or other types of handbooks) in Actimo.

Written by Heidi Larsen
Updated over a week ago

This playbook will showcase how to build an Employee Handbook in Actimo. You can, of course, apply this method to other types of content in Actimo such as lists of Employee Benefits, Manuals, Procedures etc.

To build the Employee Handbook you need to follow these four steps:

Step 1: Create a category

The first thing you need to do is to create a category for your Employee Handbook.

  • Navigate to “Messages” under Admin settings

  • Add a new category “Employee Handbook”

  • Click Save

Creating the Employee Handbook category:

Step 2: Create a landing page

Next, you need to create a landing page for your Employee Handbook messages. The landing page should contain a feed with the category “Employee Handbook”.

  • Navigate to the messages composer and create a new message

  • Click on the text module and write an introduction

  • Click on the feed module to add a feed to the message

  • Add the category “Employee Handbook” to the feed and do your preferred settings in the feed

  • Click save

Creating the feed on Employee Handbook landing page:

Pro Tip!

We recommend the following settings in your feed:

  • Sort by alphabetical order

  • Choose “None” in show date

  • Tick on the search bar, which will make it possible for contacts to search for content in the handbook

Step 3: Create the messages

Now it is time to create the Employee Handbook Messages. It is a good idea to create one message per section in the Employee Handbook eg. “Vacation”, “Sickness”, “Dress code” etc.

Remember that the messages should not be too long - do you have an existing employee handbook in PDF? If so, you may need to consider converting the existing content into something more mobile-friendly. Remember to use headlines, subheadlines, bullets, images etc. to make the content bite-size and easy to read on a mobile phone.

  • Navigate to the message composer

  • Create a message and add your content

  • Navigate to the publish page of the message

  • Add the category “Employee Handbook” to the message

  • Publish the message to the “All contacts” group

Employee Handbook message in message composer:

Repeat the above for all the Employee Handbook messages.

Step 4: Create a menu item

The last step is to create a menu item for your Employee Handbook.

  • Navigate to a random message

  • Open advanced setting in the bottom of the message composer

  • Click on “Menu” and add a new menu item “Employee Handbook”

  • Add an action to the menu item that navigates to the Employee Handbook landing page

  • Click save

Creating a menu item in the message composer:

Pro Tip!

In a menu with static content like an Employee Handbook, we recommend that you untick the “Show unread count”.

Your Employee Handbook is now done and you can navigate to the app to check it out.

Employee Handbook in app - Menu and landing page:

Employee Handbook in app - Dress code, Sickness and Vacation messages:

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