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Contacts Card

Get a basic overview of how to navigate the contacts card.

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What is a contact card and where to find it?

Contact card shows the information of your contacts: all contact fields, messages published to the contact, quizzes publishes, groups added, relationships and in which automations the contacts are included.

What kind of information is available on the contact card?

You'll be able to see and edit the contact fields like Name, Last name, Title, Department, Mobile Number, Email, Company, etc. by clicking on the right corner pencil. You will also be able to add a picture for the contact and activate or deactivate the contact:

Note: If you have an integration, this information will not be changeable, but will come from the integration.

Profile Data

Here you will find the location of the contact, who created it and when was the contact updated, and the Notification Settings (Content published to them, mentions, interest comments, and Social groups) of the contact.

Besides you can custom the contact card according to your needs by using Custom Fields.


Here you'll find all the messages that were published to that specific contact, including when the message was received and opened. You can sort options or filter them by the name, delivered and/or opened date, and the ID of the message.


Here you'll find all the trainings your contacts have participated in, and how many points have they accumulated according to each category of the Messages where there were Quizzes, Surveys, and Confirm modules.


Here you will see which groups are they/have they been members of including the Workspace, date added, added by, date removed, and removed by.


Here you can add or edit the name of the contact's Manager.


In this section, you'll see which automation has been through, including the message ID attached, the date when the automation started, and the status. You will also be able to delete or pause the automation.

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