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Introduction to groups in Actimo

Use manual or smart groups to make it easy and fast to reach the right people.

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Why use groups?

Sorting your Contacts in Groups makes it easier and faster for you to send out messages and make sure they reach the right employees. For instance, it could contain everybody from a certain country or department in your organization.

There are two types of groups: Smart groups and Manual groups. This article will briefly describe each to help you choose the best approach for your company.

Smart groups

With Smart groups, you can add employees and other users to specific distribution lists. This allows you to automatically form groups based on certain criteria, such as:

  • Job title (regional managers, shop assistants, graduates).

  • Geographic location (country, region, postal code).

  • Corporate division (headquarters, retail store, business unit).

  • Any custom field (start date, allergies, involvement in social clubs).

If you have an integration set up, we highly recommend using smart groups as your groups will automatically be updated when employees are added or edited.

Use this guide to help you set up Smart groups.

Manual groups

With manual groups, you manually create groups and add contacts directly from the platform or via an Excel upload.

Learn how to create and populate Manual groups by following this guide.

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