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Social Wall

Share knowledge, collaborate across teams, and celebrate wins

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Why Social Wall?

Activating social wall for your contact groups allows your employees to share moments, collaborate, and celebrate wins in their daily work life across departments and geographic locations.

Company Groups vs. Private Groups

Company groups are groups you as Admin or Editor can control from within Actimo. This means Admins and Editors can create the groups and Admins have the ability to delete inappropriate posts.
Private groups are groups recipients can enable directly within the Social Wall. Admins and Editors are not able to follow conversations in Private groups unless they are added as members.

How to use Private Groups?

Private groups will automatically be enabled when you switch on Social Wall. If you do not have them enabled, please reach out to support.
Recipients will be able to click "Create" to start a new Private Groups. Afterwards they can edit the group to add cover image, description and members.

We hope you enjoy Social Wall. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Note: If you do not have Social Wall, please reach out to support via our support chat or by writing to [email protected].

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