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How to import Contacts and add them to Groups
How to import Contacts and add them to Groups

Import Contacts from an Excel Spread Sheet and add them to Groups.

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Before importing your Contacts run through this checklist:

  1. Check that you have all the custom fields you need and that they match with your Excel Spread Sheet.

  2. Check your contact settings (admin > contacts > scroll to bottom). It's important to know these settings, in order to ensure existing contacts are updated and not duplicated.

Create and/or update Contacts via Excel import

  1. Go to Groups and open the Group you wish to add members to.

  2. Click on add members and select import Excel.

  3. Choose the file from disk and select your Excel Spread Sheet.

  4. Map the fields in the drop down menus in Actimo to match your Excel Spread Sheet.

If all of your Contacts have the same phone country code, you can select it for all before importing. If the phone country code is not the same for all contacts, then click in the dropdown menu and select none. Instead, import the different country codes via a column in Excel.

Click on import when you're ready. Actimo will automatically let you know how many new contacts you have created and how many that have been updated.

Import from Excel and add Contacts to Groups

If you wish to distribute Contacts in different Groups in your import, you can do so in three ways:

  • Import Excel directly to a particular group.

  • Import and direct contacts to groups via group membership.

  • Set up Smart Groups to distribute contacts to groups based on their contact fields.

Import Contacts to several Groups

When importing an Excel Spread Sheet with Contacts you can tell Actimo to add the Contacts to different Groups at the same time.

  1. Add a field to your Excel Spread Sheet called Group membership and comma separate the different Groups you wish the Contact to be a member of. In the example below, the contact Ada Quinn will be added as member of the groups called Company and Sales.

  2. Import contacts as shown above in the Creating and updating contacts via Excel Import section.

  3. In your import, map the dropdown group membership to your group membership column. You can choose between the following two options and click on import contacts when ready:

  • Add contact to groups: Add the Contacts you are importing to the Groups. If a Group is not already in Actimo, it will automatically be created.

  • Overwrite groups & add specified contacts: Removes all of your Groups and creates new ones based on the contacts you import. Often used if you wish to also remove Contacts from Groups.

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