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How to create and use Smart Groups

Create Smart Groups that automatically add or remove members based on the values you set in contact fields.

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What is a Smart Group?

To communicate effectively across an organization, you must always make sure that your communication is targeted toward a specific audience.

A way of doing this is with a Smart Group, where you can add employees and other users to specific distribution lists. This allows you to communicate directly to different departments based on certain criteria, such as:

  • Job title (regional managers, shop assistants, graduates).

  • Geographic location (country, region, postal code).

  • Corporate division (headquarters, retail store, business unit).

  • Any custom field (start date, allergies, involvement in social clubs).

Apply your own Smart Rules

  1. Go to Groups.

  2. Click on Create Group and select Smart Rules.

  3. Type in a name for the Group and set your rules and values. In the example below, we have chosen that Contacts should be added to the group if their contact field Department is listed as Sales.

  4. You can add more values to your smart rules by clicking +OR and you can add more fields by clicking +AND.

  5. Remember to click on save when you're ready to apply the changes.

Once you have specified the relevant fields, Actimo will automatically filter the Contacts in your workspace and add/remove Contacts to Groups according to the Smart Rules you have set.

Advanced Mode

If you need more flexible rules, you can also use the Advanced Mode (marked yellow below).

For example, maybe you have just 1 or 2 employees who do not match the rule (the department is Sales), but you need to include them in this group anyway. You can do that by including their email address in the rule.

  1. Click on Advanced Mode (marked yellow above)

  2. In this case, you will need to add the following in the end of the advanced rule:
    โ€‹OR email IN('[email protected]')
    Then it will look like this below:

  • You can also add multiple emails, then just add the same text in the end (with a space between):

OR email IN('[email protected]') OR email IN('[email protected]') OR...etc

Note: Make sure you add all the necessary spaces and characters as written above, otherwise the rule is incorrect and will not work.

Once you have added an advanced mode, you cannot switch back to simple mode.

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If you have any other questions please reach out to support at +45 31 41 47 00, or [email protected]

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