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Employee Directory

Get a contact list of all your contacts, for all your contacts.

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The Employee Directory is a place where your users can find other user's contact information. Making it easy for everyone to get in touch and find email addresses and phone numbers.

How does it work?

If a user wants to find another user's contact info, they simply have to:

  • Click the Social icon in the Navigation bar at the bottom of the app;

  • Search for the person they want to get in touch with;

  • Click on their name;

  • Choose a communication method.

What if a contact doesn't want their info shared?

It is also possible for the users to enable and disable if they want their info in the directory or not. They can do this on their profile.

For admins - How do I enable it?

To enable the Employee directory, you have to go to your Admin settings. The toggle to switch it on and off is found under Admin > Defaults.


Who can employees see in their app?

  • Each employee will be able to see all of the contacts that you have on your Actimo platform, across your workspaces

What information can employees search on?

  • They can only search for names in the search bar of their employee directory.

What information can employees see on any contact?

  • By default, employees can see for each contact: the name, title, department, and country of other employees. Each employee can then choose whether their phone number and email should be visible. They can adjust those preferences from their profile section

Is the Employee Directory GDPR compliant?

  • Like the rest of the Actimo platform, the Employee Directory is GDPR compliant.
    As mentioned above each employee can set their own contact information and display preferences from the Profile page.

  • Access to the Employee Directory is restricted to employees in your company. Forward security or App SSO will ensure that people from outside your organization can't obtain access.

  • Data protection in the Employee Directory follows the general terms and conditions approved in your contract with Actimo.

  • Former employees will not appear in the Employee Directory, so their right to be forgotten is fulfilled.

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