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Notification Center on the app
Notification Center on the app

Overview of notification center and settings on the app

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Updated: 10.10.2023, by: Sofía Terán

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What is the Notification Center?

Actimo's notification center is a crucial feature for effectively managing alerts and notifications within your app. It simplifies communication, ensuring that employees remain well-informed in a structured and user-friendly manner, ultimately elevating the overall user experience.

With this feature, accessing and reviewing all received notifications becomes effortless for your employees. By simply clicking on the bell icon within your Actimo app, they are seamlessly directed to the notification center. This offers a clear and convenient means for staying updated and engaged with the app's content and messages.

Notification Center in Browser:

Notification Center in mobile devices:

What can you expect to find in the Notification Center?

Once you click on the 🔔 you'll find "All" and "Unread" notifications.

From there, you can click on each notification to view the corresponding post or comment that triggered the notification. This allows you to stay updated on both new and older posts.

  • "All" will display all notifications

  • "Unread" will exclusively display notifications that you haven't opened yet

How can I mark all notifications as read?

You can click the three dots in the top-right corner to mark all notifications as read, should you choose to do so.

How employees can change their notification settings on the app?

Employees can select how they want to get notified depending on the kind of content in their apps.

From the content you will send to them, to their different social groups, your employees can decide if they'd like to be notified by push, email, or SMS notifications. Or they can also turn notifications off for specific social groups.

Here are the steps to do so:

1) Click on the Hamburger Menu icon ☰ of your app header

2) Once the menu is displayed, click on "See your profile"

3) Once your profile is opened, scroll down and click on "Notification Settings"

4) In the Notification Settings, you can customize how you prefer to receive notifications, whether it's through Email, SMS, or Push notifications.

Your employees will have the option to modify their notification settings for:

  • Content published to me

  • Mentions

  • Interesting comments

  • Social groups

  • Chats

If you want to turn off your notifications, you just have to move the slider until it is gray:

NB: keep in mind that the contact might be able to edit or not depending on the Default Notifications in Admin > App SetUp where the Admin can decide if the notifications can be enabled or disabled for every contact, or if they can override or not.

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