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How to log into Actimo (editors/admins)

A short guide on logging in and accessing your Actimo account

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As an Admin/Editor - How do you log in to Actimo?

Steps to log in:

  • Navigate to

  • Once there you have the option to 'Login' at the top right of your screen.

  • Select 'Login' and enter your email and password.

  • Then select the option to sign in.

There you have it, you have accessed your account.

If you want quick access you can also click on the following button:

What if I can't access it?

  • It might be that your company has implemented an SSO login for your editors. In that case, contact your Admin to ask for a specific SSO URL for your company. If that URL still directs you to the regular editor login page, please clear the cookies on your browser.

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If you have any other questions or if you can't log into your account please reach out to support through [email protected]

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