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How to add new editors and admins in Actimo
How to add new editors and admins in Actimo

Manage the users (editors) you allow access and admin rights in Actimo.

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Having multiple users (all admins and editors are users), is often a necessity. Only admins have access to creating new editors and admins, as well as changing their access and contact information.

Create a new editor/admin

  1. Go to 'Admin team' in your Admin Settings

  2. Click on 'Create new' and fill in contact information and the workspaces you wish to let your new user get access to.

  3. You can also set their role: admin or editor

  4. Save. The user will receive an automated email with login details

Change existing editor/admin access

If you have an editor who needs admin access then go to Admin settings-> Admin team and edit the user you want to change. Choose "admin" as their role.

Delete admins/editors

You can remove an editor/admin by clicking on the three dots of the user and choose Delete. Then the user will not get access anymore to Actimo editor platform.

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