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Security settings

How to change password requirements and IP filter policy.

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Where can I edit security settings?

You can edit security settings only if you have admin access. You edit it by going to the admin page and clicking on the Security tab.

  • You can choose a higher level of password security for your users.

  • It is recommended not to edit this setting unless required by the security officer at your company.

IP filter policy

⚠️ IP filter policy lets you change the IP range within which recipients can open your messages. It is NOT recommended to insert an IP policy as it will severely decrease the freedom of your contacts. They will not be able to open your messages unless they are using the IP range you have inserted.

Two-factor Authentication Policy

With two-factor authentication enabled, every user logging into Actimo will be required to enter an additional temporary passcode sent via SMS.

Session timeout

The default session timeout is 10 hours. If you need a shorter or longer timeout setting, this can be changed below.

Lock User Account

Lock user account on excessive failed logins and request to reset password. The default failed attempts are 5.

Contact Anonymization Period

The default time after which contacts are anonymized upon deletion.

Admin/editor login

Select a method for admins and editors to log in.

If you want to implement SSO login for your admins and editors, please read this article here.

Public links

  • A message can be accessed via a public link if the link is shared with the public.

  • Public links are by default disabled on new messages and can be enabled in the individual message under Advanced Settings.

  • Here you'll find the list of what messages are "public links"

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