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App Navigation Bar
App Navigation Bar

This article guides you through the recently introduced navigation bar and its functions.

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This new navigation bar will help employees to navigate more easily on the app.

The navigation bar will be at the bottom of the app. On the desktop, it will be placed on top of the screen.

โ€‹NB: The Homepage will automatically publish to new contacts.
Admins can now only access and make changes to the homepage.

How will the theme be affected?

The home icon at the bottom and logo in the header will take you to the homepage selected on the theme used on that message (see the above screenshot).

  • If your logo has had a message directed upon click, this will be the homepage used on that theme.

  • If your logo has not had any message directed upon click, the message selected under Admin > App Login will be the default homepage for that theme

P.S. We recommend using the same message as the Homepage in the app login and theme homepage, but the theme homepage and app login homepage can be different if needed.

  • The background color defines the background color of both your header and your bottom navigation bar on mobile, on desktop it will only affect your header.

  • The icon's color will define the color of the different icons: home, notifications, social, chat, etc.

  • The highlight color will define the color the icon will take when selected.

Communicate about the change to your employees

If you wish to communicate this exciting change to your employees, we have created a template text that you can readily use for that purpose.

Copy template text here:

Message title: Coming up: new navigation

If using push: Push notification title: New app navigation coming up

If using push: Push subtitle: Get a sneak peek here.

Hi [Employee first name],

We are excited to share some great news with you. Actimo is launching a new app navigation bar, set to go live on the 4th of December. With the new navigation improvement you can access the homepage, social groups (if activated), notifications, tasks (if activated), and profile on the bottom of the app. If you have chat: The chat icon will be located in the top right corner of the app.

Hereโ€™s an example of how the bottom navigation will look:

[Add a picture relevant to your setup, you can download it in the end of this article]

If you have any questions about this change, feel free to reach out to (insert contact details).


[Company/Champion name]


Is the Navigation Bar mandatory for all the clients?

The navigation bar will be applied for everyone.

I didn't have a homepage on my app before. Will this automatically apply to a homepage for my app?

If you didn't have a homepage selected before in "Admin-> App login", then you will be automatically applied a default homepage. That homepage will have a simple text module saying "Welcome" and a Feed module without categories. That homepage is automatically set for the default theme as well. This means your end-users will be able to click on the home icon and go to that new default homepage.

We recommend going and customizing that homepage according to your own needs.
This change is important for all users to have a home button that takes them to the homepage selected on the theme used.

Can I customize the navigation bar differently from the header?

The navigation bar will have the same background color, icon color, and icon highlight color as the header. These cannot be customized differently.

Can I change the order of the icons?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the order of the icons.

Can I replace the icons with custom ones?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace the icons with custom ones.

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If you have any other questions please reach out to support through +45 31 41 47 00, or [email protected]

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