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How to create a Holiday Theme in Actimo 👻🐣
How to create a Holiday Theme in Actimo 👻🐣

In this article we will share how to create a holiday-inspired theme for your app.

Written by Heidi Larsen
Updated over a week ago

Using seasonal holiday themes is an easy win and a great way to keep the feel of the app fresh throughout the year. On top of creating a theme for the holiday, you can also create a custom menu.

In this article we will show how to create a Halloween inspired theme and menu 🎃🕷️

And in the bottom og the article you will find some assets for different seasons that you can download and use directly in your app.

To create a seasonal theme and menu, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a theme

  • Create a new message or navigate to a message where you will be using the new theme.

  • Click advanced settings in the bottom-left corner of the editor.

  • Click theme. This will open the theme editor in a sidebar on the right.

  • Click the ‘+’ icon to create a new theme.

  • Next, type in the relevant name of the theme under ‘Edit theme name' for example, ‘The holidays’, ‘Easter’ or ‘Halloween’.

  • You can change your Header logo if you have one in a color scheme related to the holiday. To do this, delete the existing header logo and click ‘upload image’. The recommended size for this image is 217x50 px.

  • Upload a holiday-themed header background. Get creative with this! This can be a static image or a GIF. Recommended sizes for theme header background: 600*100 px

You can see some examples below for Halloween and Christmas and download them directly here (right click on the image/gif and click save):

  • Scroll down through the editor to make further changes

  • Change the icon color to fit with your theme.

  • Change the message text color to fit with your theme.

  • Change the button text, background, and border colors to fit with your theme.

  • If you want to include a footer, change the text, background image/color, or text color as appropriate.

Apply this theme to all relevant messages. This should be used on the app homepage, any holiday related messages, and could be used on all new messages created throughout the holiday period (though these may need to be changed back to the original once the holiday is over).

To change the theme on other messages:

  • Open them in the editor.

  • Click theme.

  • Select the ‘Theme’ dropdown in the sidebar menu.

  • Select the relevant theme

Step 2: Create a menu

  • In the same message, click on advanced settings again.

  • Click the menu button. This will open the menu editor.

  • Click create new.

  • Enter the Menu Title (e.g Halloween theme Menu).

  • Click add Branding Header to add a holiday related header to the menu. (Minimum size for menu header is 90x272 px).

  • Change the menu text and background colors to fit the theme.

  • Add sections and menu items to the menu to match your regular menu (instructions here).

  • Apply this menu to all relevant messages by opening the messages in the editor

  • Clicking advanced settings and menu.

  • Selecting the menu from the dropdown list.

Here is an example of a Halloween menu:

Step 3: Update navigation modules with holiday themed images (optional)

Now that the theme itself is in place, why not go one step further and add holiday-themed background images to the navigation modules your home page?

To do this:

  • Find your homepage message in the editor.

  • Find a navigation module that is currently in use. In this example we will use a grid module.

  • Upload new background images with a holiday theme either to each tile (recommended size 300x300 px) or as a background image for the entire module.

Option 1. Update background image for each tile:

Option 2. Update background image for the entire module

Below are some examples and assets that you can download for inspiration.

Congratulations! You have now created a holiday theme in Actimo 🥳

Easter assets

Easter headers: Right click on the image to download and use in your app:

Easter menu banners: Right click on the image to download and use in your app:

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