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How to use Actimo for your next event

If you have a company event coming up, this is your guide to utilize Actimo as your event app!

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Use Actimo for your next event

Learn how you can use Actimo before, during, and after an event to build expectations and excitement about the event, host practical information “on the go”, create social communities, and much more.

An event can be any kind of gathering, where you want to engage your audience.

This guide will help you get inspired and share some examples of how to use Actimo for your next event

See an example of event communication

Swipe through a flow of content examples from a Kahoot event, where Actimo was used as the communication channel:

Before your event (Awareness)

Before the event you typically want to create some awareness around the gathering, maybe gather some information about the participants, and even present some preparations for the participants before the event.

Here are some examples of what you do with Actimo before the event

  • Presentation and invitation to the event

  • Sign up for the event

  • Ask for specific preferences such as food allergies, clothing sizes

  • Practical information

  • Preparing documents

  • Show a countdown widget for the start of the event

  • Send news about the upcoming event ad create excitement


During the event, Actimo can work as your event tool “on the go” and make sure that your participants are updated at all times and have quick access to all necessary information.

Here are some examples of how you can use Actimo during the event:

  • The event program

  • Practical information

  • Social communities

  • Quizzes

  • Surveys


After attending an event you always come home with lots of impressions and new knowledge. Use Actimo to build on that knowledge and measure the satisfaction of the event to help you make an even better event next time.

Here are some examples of how to use Actimo after the event

  • Give access to presentations and documents from the event

  • Make Academies to refresh new knowledge

  • Get reviews of the event

  • Share takeaways from the event from different perspectives

  • Celebrate the participants from the event with a video showing the great energy and participation in the event

A step-by-step guide

When it comes to using Actimo as a communication tool, the options are countless. Most of the content is built as regular messages with information and rich media. This guide is based on an example where the employees themselves sign up to the event in the app.

  1. Create a communication plan for your event

  2. Create a new category in admin, you can call it “Event”

  3. Create a message you can use as an event landing page for all your event- content. Add a feed and select the category “Event”

  4. Add a menu item that links to your event landing page. You can also create an “Event” tile directly on your front page if you want it to be more visible.

  5. Create an “Event” group

  6. Create a message with a sign-up button, give the button the action “Add to group” and choose the group “Event”.

  7. Build the messages you need for your communication and schedule them according to your communication plan. Add the category “Event” to all messages and publish the messages to the “Event” group

  8. Add the event category to your frontpage feed so all event communication also appears on the front page in your news mix

  9. Create a social wall for the “Event” group and select someone to “own” the channel to be responsible for getting the conversation started.

A minimal communication plan could look like this

  • Invitation to event incl. sign up form (awareness)

  • Send an excited message a few days before the event with a program and practical information (awareness)

  • Welcome to the event message on the first day of the event (Event launch)

  • Encourage people to engage on Social (Event)

  • Peak-end competition (quiz or in Social) to round up the event (Event)

  • Review about the event (Post-event)

  • Takeaways from event + presentations and other docs

Some advanced features you can add to your flow

My Plan

You can make a customized “My plan” message for all employees, where they can see specific information for them personally. Eg. Accommodation, Table seating for dinner, workshop etc. The trick is to use the custom contact fields for this information.

This is how you can do it

  1. Go to admin, choose contacts and create a new custom contact field

    1. Eg Hotel and Dinner table seating.

  2. Update your contact with contact field values

    1. Eg hotel name and dinner table number

    2. Update your contact fields through your integration, excel upload or manually on contact cards

  3. Create a message and call it “My Plan”

  4. Add a text field with the information needed for your employees’ plan and include the tags “Hotel and Dinner table” (in this example)

  5. Publish the message to the event group and add the category “event” so it’s added to your event feed

Create a social group for your event

Offer a community for the event participants where their can share great moments during the event and maybe even a specific group for support, so it’s easy to get help from the event makers and anyone in the channel.

This is how you can do it

  1. Go to Social in the left menu, activate your “event” group in Social and add a picture and a small description in the social group settings

    1. Pro Tip: Point out some group ambassadors/responsible who can get the community started with some posts and responses to other’s posts during the event

  2. Create a new group and call it “Event support” and add the contacts who is attending the event

    1. Pro Tip: Open the “event” group and export the contacts. Open your new group “event support” and import the export excel report from the “event” group.

  3. Go to Social in the left menu, activate your “event support” group in Social and add a picture and a small description in the social group settings.

You can create as many Social groups as you find relevant in your event, just create the groups and activate them on social.

Make a Nano

Did you click on the link further up to see an example of event communication? This was made with a tool called Hello Storm by Kahoot! You can make your own right here in a simple mode:

If you want to know more about Nanos, reach out to Actimo support on [email protected] or write in the chat.

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