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Make it easy to find content in your app with next level tabs!
Make it easy to find content in your app with next level tabs!

This Playbook will help you build tabs that saves time when employees have to find the right content at the right time.

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This guide will take you through the steps needed build tabs into your feeds.

In this example we are using existing functionality in feeds such as only show unread and add search and only show messages when searching in combination with a Grid module. This makes our feed essentially have clickable tabs.

Pro Tips πŸ‘: This could also be applied to other needs such as Guides, Handbooks, Campaigns, etc.

Step-by-step Guide

Building the Grid modules

  • Create/edit a message with 3 pages and add a grid with 3 tiles on each page

  • Edit each of the tiles and add action go to page 1-2-3 on all the Grid module.

You should now be able to click on your tiles and move back and forth between the three pages.

Building the Feeds

  • Go to each of the pages and add a Feed module.

  • Select the settings you wish based on your needs. In this scenario we have:

    • News feed showing all news messages

    • And unread Feed showing only unread messages (Add Unread only)

    • A search feed only showing messages meeting the search criteria added by the employee (Show search bar + Display messages only upon search)

You should now be able to jump between the pages and see different content and functionality based on your feed settings for each page.

Pro Tips πŸ‘: Your pages does not necessarily have to be Feeds, but could be any page version of your choice. In one of our other guides we looked into how to do an Easter Eggs Hunt. This could be added for a short time period making it easy to access for your employees.

Building the Graphics

In order to make these new tabs looks stunning we add a background picture to each of the Grid modules. They will have to be a little different pending on which page they are on.

These are the different version of the Grid Graphics we used. The dimensions are 900x300 px. If you wish to our template you can download it at the bottom of this Playbook.

You can also do this in Powerpoint adding the dimensions and saving as picture.

  • Once you have created the graphics, go ahead and upload the pictures to the Grid modules background.

Pro Tips πŸ‘: You can play around with colours and even raise the bars for each tab you are creating but going outside the 900x300 will dis-align the graphic with the module.

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