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Control Center (Admin)
Control Center (Admin)

Control Center gives you the insights into all data across all workspaces in the platform and engagement levels among all employees.

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Where can I find Control Center?

Admins of your platform have access to Control Center from the top right corner:

What's the difference between Control Center and a Dashboard?

Control Center collects data across workspaces, while Dashboard provides you with the data related to a specific workspace.

Communicate, Train and Lead

Steps to display the requested data:

  1. First and foremost its important to mention that all the data shown in the Control Center depend on the timeline you choose.
    You can choose to display the data for the last 7 days and up till 12 months back in time. If you need data for the whole period from the first day of the activity on your account, choose "All time" option above.

  2. Choose the Target (picture below) which defines the minimum percentage of the messages or trainings that should be opened and can be modified by going to Admin settings > Profile

  3. Choose which categories to display within Communication (Open rate) and Train (Know-how) diagrams. You can do it by going to Admin settings (in the right top corner) > Profile. Lead (Engagement) diagram is automatically based on One-On-Ones/Pulse and can't be modified.

Active Employees

This field reveals how many employees have visited the app or at least viewed one message in the period selected. The numbers reveal how many employees and who exactly haven't seen any messages during the chosen period, how many new employees were added and how many bounced the messages.

A specific information on those contacts can be found in a Dashboard attached to each workspace.


As an Admin you can see the overall activity for each workspace on your client, even if you dont have access to the workspace. You will not be able to go to the workspace if you dont have access to it though. On each workspace information box you can:

  • view total number of users and see who they are

  • view active employees on each workspace

  • view percentage of Communicate/Train and Lead activities


This part of the Control Center displays the contract details for your account and gives an overview of Active Editors, Employees, SMS and Email sent so you always can keep truck on your usage of Actimo.
​You plan column displays the amount of editors and contacts you can have on your account based on the contract, as well as number of sms and emails.

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