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Embed Actimo to Sharepoint and other desktop intranets
Embed Actimo to Sharepoint and other desktop intranets

Example on how to utilise our API to show personal Actimo messages to your employees.

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Updated: 21.12.2020, by: Jesper Jakobsen

Estimated time to read: 4 - 5 mins.

Most of the functionality provided in the app, and also in our administration is easily available to our clients through our API. The prerequisite for starting API development is an API key, which you can get by contacting our support.

Embed your employee's Actimo front page

1) Find the message id (message_id) of your app's front page. This is visible in the messages overview, and in the settings under the Defaults tab in the Actimo administration.

2) If you don't know the internal Actimo id of the employee, you can easily find it:

GET /api/v1/contacts?employee_id=XXX

Here we search by employee_id, but it can also be email or any other custom value (data1...data20) on the contact in Actimo. It is important it is a value unique to the employee, so you know exactly which employee you will be getting back in the response.

3) From the response you will extract the contact_id to be used in the next call:

GET /messages/:message_id/contactLink/:contact_id

Extract the link value from the response. This is a unique link for the specific employee and message.

4) Now set this link to be the src of your iframe, and each employee will see their unique front page with personalised content:

<iframe src=":link"></iframe>

Verification message

If you are using Forward Security then employees are requested to verify their browser. If you want to avoid this, and you trust who they are, then you can add ?token=1 to the second API call.

GET /messages/:message_id/contactLink/:contact_id?token=1

This will return a time limited token that bypasses Forward Security and thus not ask the employee to verify who they are. In most cases this is the recommended implementation, please reach out to us if you are in doubt.

Federated authentication

Using federated authentication (aka SSO) you can still get the personal unique link for the employee's front page or other message, but you can't implement it as an iframe, as most federated security implementations won't allow logging in through an iframe. You can instead show it as a regular webpage.

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