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Likes and Comments on Messages

Here you can read all about the comments and liking experience.

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Written: 19.01.2021, by: Jesper Jakobsen

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What's up with liking & commenting?

All the great functionality from liking and commenting that you may know from Social Wall, has been brought to the context of Messages – making the user experience consistent across Actimo. This includes:

  • Liking and unliking Messages

  • Threaded comments/replies

  • Liking individual comments or replies

  • @Mentions in comments to notify other users

  • Option to upload images or media files to comments

  • New and improved view of likes and comments in Message Analytics - users of Dashboard and Social Wall will find this familiar.

How does it work?

Switching on the feature

You will notice two new toggles that are now visible in the Message Composer under "Feedback", replacing the old "Like" and "Comment" modules. The comment feature will be replaced by the Feedback feature, which still allows the functionalities from the old comment module (For example; asking for feedback using anonymized comments).

To activate the new functionality simply switch on one - or both - of the toggles. This will add the familiar like and commenting experience to the bottom of your message.

In the example below both likes and comments are turned on.

Showing it on a specific page

When switched on, the active module(s) will be active on all pages in a message by default. Once there is more than one page, a drop-down menu will appear under the two toggles, allowing you to choose which pages you would like the likes and comment modules to be shown. For example, if you only want it on the first or last page, or anywhere in between.

Managing comments & viewing analytics

In Message Analytics, you'll notice a new view of comments and likes. If you're using Social Wall, this will be familiar – it is very familiar to the view that's visible from your Dashboard.

In the GIF below, you can see what the new 'Comments' and 'Likes' modules look like in the Analytics tab. You can also see what was previously known as 'Comments', which is now called 'Feedback'. Feedback has the behavior you are used to from what used to be called 'Comments'.

In this new dashboard-style view, you can see all likes and comments at a glance, as well as manage comments as needed (for admin users). You can also include the statistics of likes and comments when exporting analytics.

Will existing messages be impacted?

The short answer; no β€” to ensure the data integrity of your past messages, nothing will change for old messages.

However, if you wish to adopt the new liking & commenting on existing messages, you can simply remove any old "Like" or "Comment" modules and turn on the new functionality instead.


If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out to us in the chat, or via [email protected]

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