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Actimo Voice Notes

Introducing Actimo Voice Notes in your social wall.

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What is Actimo Voice Messaging?

Actimo Voice Messaging is a new feature we have introduced available for voice messaging on your Social Wall, just like you see on popular chat systems, making it easier than ever to communicate with your employees and have them communicate with each other.

Where can I send voice messages?

You can send messages on your active Social Walls, public and private Social Walls.

How do I send Voice Messages?

Navigate to your Social Wall where you will now see a microphone icon, under the comment section. You select the microphone and then you can start recording your voice message. A great feature is that once you have recorded your voice message you can listen back to ensure your message is to your expectation.

What will it look like once it's on my Social Wall?

Just like any other post, it will appear on your Social Wall. You can then play the message. You can also skip through the voice message if needed so you can look for the exact point in the message that may be relevant to you.


Q What is the maximum length of Actimo Voice Messages?

A Maximum length of a voice message is 20 minutes long giving you more than enough time to get your message across.

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