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Easter Egg hunt

Want to do something fun and engaging for Easter? Try our Easter Egg Hunt!

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Written: 23.02.2023

By: Jesper Jakobsen

Easter Egg Hunt!

Are you looking for a boost in activation on your Actimo platform and would you like to do something fun for your colleagues during the holiday?

Then try our guide for an Easter Egg hunt!

What is an Easter Egg hunt?

Every day during Easter, your employees will receive a message with a hint as to where the 'Golden Egg' is hidden. Using the hint they look through the platform to find the image of the Golden Egg. Clicking the egg will send them to a new message and they are now in the draw to win today's prize! The next day: the Golden Egg is hidden in a new place and a new hint is sent out, you also draw the winner and announce it on the dedicated social wall.

What do you need to do?

  • Create 9 messages (one for each day of the Easter period), with a new clue for every day of the competition.

  • Create 1 congratulations message. This is the message that everyone is taken to when they click the image of the Golden Egg.

  • Find an image of an easter egg, you can use the Golden Egg below or find your own.

  • An easter egg hunt category, an example could be "Easter 2023" or "Easter Egg Hunt" (add this by going to Admin -> Message -> Add new category)

  • Add the new category to a feed (we suggest the feed on your frontpage, if you have on there).

  • Add the new category to the messages you have created.

  • Create an Easter Egg hunt group for ALL contacts and enable a social wall for this group to announce winners.

    • Note: You can tease the Easter Egg hunt a few days in advance. You can do this by creating the Social Wall in advance or by sending out a message.

Pro tips:

  • Use a loose and uplifting tone of voice in your text bits and consider adding some gifs, memes, or short videos.

  • Tease the prize beforehand so that everyone knows what they might win, this should boost engagement!

  • Add the Golden Egg to messages that haven't gotten too much attention, like important parts of your employee handbook.

  • We recommend testing it out, by using duplicated messages just to be certain that it works as you intend.

How do you do an easter egg hunt?

  • Once per day, you find

  • an existing message somewhere on your client. In this message, you add the image of the golden egg as a button. You set the button to go to the ‘you found the Golden Egg’ message.

  • Every day of the competition you publish/notify a message to all colleagues with a hint of where they can find the golden egg.

  • Everyone who finds and clicks the button with the Golden Egg will be forwarded to the “you found the Golden Egg” message.

  • Draw the winner! We recommend this approach:

    • Open the message with the Golden Egg.

    • Go to analytics of the message and download an excel report.

    • Find the column with the names of everyone who has clicked the Golden Egg/button.

    • Add the names to and use this to draw the winner.

  • Announce the winner of yesterday's hunt on the dedicated social wall.

  • Remember: remove the Golden Egg from yesterday's hunt, to avoid confusion!

An example of day 1:

  • Publish a message about the easter egg hunt to all colleagues and explain the rules in this message; everyone who finds the egg will participate in the prize draw, and add a hint as to where the Golden Egg can be found. That could be on a page in your employee handbook or it could be on an old "Summerparty 2022" message.

  • Once the day is over you can find out who has found and clicked the button with the Golden Egg. You find this info by downloading a report from the analytics page of the message that the Golden Egg was added to. You take all the names and put them in a random picker, we suggest using:

  • Add all the names to the wheel and record the process of the spin and winner.

  • Announce the winner on the social wall.


  • Instead of sending out a message every day for 9 days, you can also create a grid with 9 tiles and add the messages with the hints to the tiles.

  • We recommend that you 'reveal' one tile pr. day. Using this approach:

    • On day 1: the tile for day 1 takes you to a hint message, the rest of the tiles (8) should go to a message explaining that this message is not ready yet.

    • On day 2: another message is revealed with a new hint on a new tile. Now only 7 tiles should go to a message that explains that this message isn't ready yet.

  • We still recommend using the Social Wal and using to draw winners and to hide the image of the Golden Egg in various old messages around your platform.

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