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Sharing message as a link

It is now easier than ever for you and your employees to share messages across your employee app with our feature share message as a link πŸš€

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How do I share a message as a link? πŸ“©

You can now share messages as a link inside your employee app.

When creating a message you can now head to the "Social" section where you enable likes and comments and you will now see the option to "Share" which is enabled by default.

What will it look like in the editor? πŸ€”

Inside the message composer under the social settings, you will see the toggle to share. You can toggle this feature on and off as you wish and where you see it relevant.

Once your message has been published, your employees who wish to share it as a link in other parts of your employee app now can πŸ’ͺ. Making sharing a message easier than ever πŸ™Œ

How will this look inside your employee app πŸ‘€?

Once the message has been published to your designated employees, they can open the message and will see the share option ‡ and be able to share this message inside as a link. This way you can ensure your message reaches many of your employees and can be shared in social groups and feeds.

FAQ 🧐:

Q: Who can access the link to the message?

A: Only contacts with who the message has been shared will have access.

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