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Create a quiz that engages your contacts over several days 🏆
Create a quiz that engages your contacts over several days 🏆

Boost your app activation with a fun and cool quiz that engages your contacts over a period of time - and use points to choose the winner!

Written by Heidi Larsen
Updated over a week ago

You are most likely familiar with the quiz module in Actimo and the creation of fun and engaging quizzes for your contacts.

In this guide we will take your quiz skilles to the next level and show you how to build an overall quiz with a number of separate quiz days - and use points to find a winner.

Each day, a new quiz will be launched and the contacts can earn points for each correct answer. You can choose to announce a winner for each quiz day - and, of course, announce the overall winner of the total quiz on the last day.

This is a great way to engage your contacts over a period of time and can easily motivate contacts to use and visit the app every day.

Follow these 7 steps to create your quiz with a certain amount of quiz days:

In this example we will create a summer quiz that runs for five days - one new quiz is launched every day of a certain week.

Step 1: Create the categories for your quiz

The first thing you need to do is to create categories for your quiz. This will allow you to display the points that the contacts accrue on the contacts’ insights bar and profile page.

It is important that you create one separate category for each day of your quiz in order to show points separately for each quiz on the points page.

  • Navigate to “Message” under Admin settings

  • Add the quiz categories and click save

In this case we have created one category per quiz day

  • “Summer quiz, Day 1”

  • “Summer quiz, Day 2”

  • “Summer quiz, Day 3”

  • “Summer quiz, Day 4”

  • “Summer quiz, Day 5”

Step 2: Add the quiz points to insights bar

You can add the quiz points to the contacts' insights bar and profile page. This will enable your contacts to track their total points. The goal is to motivate and engage contacts, fostering healthy competition and enjoyable challenges 💪

  • Navigate to “Profile” under Admin settings

  • Add the title to display on the insights bar and profile page - in this case we use the title “Summer quiz points”

  • Tick on the “Points” (this will make the point visible on the contacts profile page)

  • Tick on “Shown in insights bar” (this will make the point visible on the contacts insights bar)

  • Add the quiz categories to the points calculation

When the quiz has been launched, and the contacts begin to answer the quiz questions, the points will appear on the insights bar and profile page. The contact will have an overview of the score in the daily quizzes on the point page.

Profile page and Point page in the app. In this case the contact has scored a total of 9 points in the first two days of the quiz:

Step 3: Create your daily quizzes

To create the daily quizzes, navigate to the message composer and craft a message for each daily quiz. Include a quiz module for each question in your quiz and remember to assign points for correct answers.

  • Type in your question and a couple of answer options

  • Tick the “Correct answer” at the correct answer

  • Open “Advanced settings” and add the amount of points that you want to assign the contact for answering correctly

  • Repeat these steps for all the questions in your quiz

Set the retake settings of your quiz

Decide whether contacts can retake the quiz if they answer questions incorrectly on their first attempt. In this case, since you want to determine a quiz winner, allow contacts to take the quiz only once.

  • Navigate to the publish page of the message

  • Tick on the “Limit number of retakes”

  • Set the limitation to “0”

Repeat the above steps for each daily quiz. In this example we have 5 daily quizzes and therefore we have created 5 quiz messages:

Step 4: Create a landing page for your quiz

It's optional how you present your quiz in the app, but we recommend creating a landing page for the quiz. Navigate to this landing page from a news message, the menu, or a tile on the app's front page.

In this example, we have created a Summer quiz landing page with general information regarding the quiz and a grid module with navigation to the 5 quiz days.

For each day of the quiz you need to add the navigation from the grid to the specific quiz landing page.

App frontpage with tile navigation to Summer quiz landing page, Summer quiz landing page and Monday Quiz landing page:

Step 5: Launch the quiz

With the steps above, you're ready to launch your quiz. For each quiz day, add the quiz category to the quiz message and publish it.

Important: Do not add the category to the message before the specific quiz day. Otherwise, the quiz message will be displayed on the points page when contacts click on "Points" in the insights bar or profile page.

Quiz Day 1:

  • Navigate to the publish page of the Day 1 quiz message

  • Add the quiz category for Day 1

  • Add the category for the feed where you want the quiz message to be visible (eg. News) and select your notifications settings

  • Publish the message to your contacts

Repeat the above for each day of the quiz.

Step 6: Find the winner of each daily quiz

To find a winner for each daily quiz, navigate to the analytics page of the quiz message and generate an Excel report.

  • Navigate to the analytics page of the daily quiz

  • Click “Create report”

  • Select the contact fields that you want to export (first name, last name, department, mobile number etc.)

  • Click on “Results data” and tick on “Message quiz points”

  • Click “Generate report”

In the Excel report, you'll find a list of contacts with the chosen contact fields and the accumulated points for the specific daily quiz. Note that in the Excel report, the quiz points are listed in the column named "Session quiz points."

Step 7: Find the overall winner of the quiz 🏅

At the end of the quiz period, when it's time to find the winner, export all contacts and include their points in the export.

  • Navigate to “contacts” in the sidebar navigation of the editor

  • Click “Export all contacts”

  • Select the contact fields that you want to export (first name, last name, department, email etc.) and remember to include “Points” in the export

  • Click “Export”

In the excel report you will find a list of all contacts with the contact fields that you have chosen. The column with "Points" shows the accumulated amount of points that the contacts have acquired in the quizzes with the categories added under “Profile”.

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