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Workspaces help you organize messages, contacts, content and automations in sections, determine user access and trigger permission wall.

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Workspaces are mostly used for giving editors access to specific content and contacts/groups.

You can move users, messages, groups, automations, and content between workspaces. Often, you want to use workspaces to separate content from different users (editors). Please note that different items can be accessible to users in more than one workspace at the same time.

How to create, edit or delete a workspace

In admin, go to 'workspaces':

Create new workspace

Click on the '+' and type in a name

Edit workspace

Click the pencil icon and edit the name of the workspace. Click ok.

Delete workspace

Click the 'X' next to the workspace you want to delete and approve.

How to move content between workspaces

  1. In admin, go to 'workspaces'

  2. Select the workspace you wish to modify from the drop-down menu. Remember to save your adjustments at the bottom of the page when ready

Message Settings

Here you can enable or disable insights bar visibility for the workspace

Besides, you can change the Message language

User management

Drag and drop users between 'full access' and 'no access'.

All Messages

Allows you to add messages from one Workspace to the workspace that you selected previously, or remove messages from the previous workspace

All Groups

Allows you to select the groups that can be part of that specific Workspace

All Automations

Allows you to select which automation can be shown in that specific Workspace

All Media

Here you can find all the content (Video, Audio, Image, Presentation, Font, Document, etc.) that you want to show in the selected Workspace

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