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How to set up "Terms of use"

Some customers need employees to view and agree to certain Terms of Use when first starting to use the app. Here is how!

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Why activate "Terms of Use"?

If you need your employees to view and accept certain terms of use, setting up this feature will make reading and agreeing to the terms of use a smooth part of the app login flow.

We only recommend turning on Terms of Use, if you truly need it – for most companies, this feature won't be necessary.

How does it work?

When enabled, new employees will need to accept terms of use as part of the login flow.

How to set up "Terms of Use"

  • Go to Admin β†’ Defaults

  • Activate Terms of Use

  • Write or paste the Terms of Use

That's it! When logging in, employees will see a checkbox as part of the onboarding flow. If you edit current terms of use or wish current employees to accept the new terms you can select "Ask employees to re-accept" after clicking "Save and update".

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