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Automate your employee onboarding

Learn how to create a simple onboarding flow for your employees using automations

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This guide will take you through the steps to make a simple onboarding flow

When a new employee starts in your company, you probably want them to receive all necessary information during their first days. Fortunately, you can automate all these employee onboarding actions by using our automation feature.

Step-by-step Guide

In this example the company uploads new employees via excel upload or manually in the platform.

The overall automation

Here are the overall actions we want to happen (in dark purple):

These are the example messages you could use when a new employee has been added on Actimo:

  • Invitation to download Actimo app (SMS)

  • Welcome message (push notification)

  • Message to the employee's Manager that they have a new employee starting (eg. email)

P.S: The first action in the automation to download the app applies for when you don't have an integration and you are manually uploading employees (or importing an excel). If you have an integration and you want to send out an invitation to download the app then go straight here.

Preparations for automation

Before creating the actual automation, there's a few things to prepare:

Create a new contact field

P.S: you need admin access to perform this part.

  • Go to Admin βž” Contact

  • Click "Add field" and click save.

Create a Smart Group

The automation needs to know who these actions should be sent to. That can be done by having a separate group, eg. New employee onboarding. And this is where we will use the new contact field above.

  • Go to Group

  • Click on the little arrow next to Create Group and choose "Smart rule".

  • Choose the new contact field you just created and write IS "Yes":

Create a invitation SMS to download the app

  • Create an "invitation" message with an SMS notification. No need to publish it to anyone (the automation will do it for you).

You can of course choose the text you want to have in the SMS, but we will show you an example below and give you the native link here, you can copy and add to the SMS. This can also be used in an e-mail. This link directs them to the Actimo app on App Store or Google Play (it detects which phone the employee is using).

Example SMS to download the app:

Hi [First name - add contact tag on the right side]
Welcome to Actimo! Please click on the link below to download our employee app. Download here:

Best regards,

Company Name

Create a welcome message

  • Create a message to welcome your employees - maybe you also want to direct them to an Academy from this message. Read about academies here

    • You don't need to publish this message (the automation will do it for you),

  • Add a notification (eg. SMS) so the employee will be notified about this message

  • Add a category that is included in your homepage feed if you want the employee to also have access to the message from the homepage in the app

Here is an example:

Create a message for a Manager

If you want the employee's Manager to get notified every time a new employee has started and added on Actimo, then you can let the automation to send it out. You can choose an email notification for example. No need to publish it to anyone (the automation will do it for you). This message can include the employee's name who was added. Below is an example of the message and you can copy the CREF code as well.

  • Create a message with text for the manager

  • Add cref name codes to let the manager know who the new employee is

  • Add a notification (eg. email)

Copy this CREF code into the message:

#cref:firstname# #cref:lastname#

Create an empty trigger message

The automation needs to be triggered my something. In this case we will just create an empty trigger message that no one will see. But the whole idea is that this message will be published to the "New Employee Onboarding" group. And once someone is added to the group the message triggers the automation.

  • Create a message and add a title, eg. "Employee onboarding trigger"

  • Leave the content empty and go straight to Publish

  • Publish it to the new group "Employee onboarding".

  • No notifications needed and remember to click Publish.

Now we have done all preparations and can create the automation.

Create the automation flows

  • Go to Automation

  • Click "Create new" and give it a name

  • Now you have the trigger on the left side "Start: message opened" (green button). Click on it twice and choose "Message sent/published"

  • Click on "Attach to message" on the top right corner and choose the empty "Onboarding trigger" message you created.

Add invitation message to the automation

  • Now click on the blue action and drag it next to the start trigger:

  • Click twice on the action and choose "Send message"

  • Choose the "Invitation" message.

Connect the trigger

Now we need to connect the trigger with the action.

  • Click on the white dot and drag it to the action to connect.

  • That connection can have several rules you can add. In this case, we do not need any specific rule and can just leave it "No rule"

Add welcome message to the automation

You can add more actions to the existing automation. And in this case, we want the employee to also get a welcome message.

  • Click on the blue "New action"

  • Double click and choose "Send message", choose the welcome message.

Pro tip πŸ‘: You can just connect the action with the last action. If you want you can also add a time delay (eg. 1 day) to send out the welcome message:

Add the manager to this automation

  • Click again on the "New action", double click

  • Choose type: "Send message"

  • Select message: The Manager message.

  • Select recipient: choose "Contact's Manager"

  • Open advanced, enable "override control flow" and select "Stop automation" (if this is your last action in the automation)

  • Now your automation is done, make sure to save it on the top right corner:

So now it looks like this:

Congratulations πŸ‘, you have created an automation for employee onboarding on Actimo

Do you have an integration and want to automise a message for new employees?

If you have an integration and want to send out the first invitation message, then you don't need to create an automation for that. The integration can do it for you.

P.S: Below steps need an admin access.

In this case

  • Go to Admin βž” Integrations

  • Scroll down and there you can enable Create - Send message. Then every time an employee is added via integration it sends them the chosen message. You can also choose to send out several messages by clicking the plus below.

If you need more actions, like emailing the manager once they have a new employee who started then you can create an automation with the above examples and just include the manager email action. Trigger will be the same empty message in this case.

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