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What is a local issue?

Local issues are issues that occur due to issues on a device, and not on the Actimo platform.

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What are local issues?

Local issues are issues that occur locally on a specific device or very few devices. In the context of software and Actimo, local issues will occur on the devices of the end users.

Example of a local occurring issue:

A contact has enabled auto-delete of cookies, which causes cookies to be deleted every 2 minutes. The contact then needs to get a new verification for every login (unless it's within 2 minutes). The issue is resolved by disabling the cookie auto-delete.

It's important to note that local issues are almost always out of control of Actimo Support. As the issues occur locally, we are unable to do much but give advice, as we are not able to have the device with the issue at hand. Another way of determining local issues is that they are also solved locally.

How do you know if it's a local issue?

The best and first indicator is that the issue occurs on only one or very few devices.

Here is a list of well-known local issues:

  • Contact has to get a verification code every time they open Actimo:

    • Contact is likely using an Incognito browser or has automatic cookie deletion enabled.

  • Contact is experiencing some words are changing while adding text:

    • Contact has enabled Auto-translate.

  • Contact cannot receive Push notifications and/or other SMS/email:

    • Contact has disabled Push notifications for the Actimo app, contact does not have proper connection and/or contact receives email in their Spam folder.

  • Contact is using a VPN and cannot log in.

  • Contact is not receiving verification code on email:

    • Verification code is sent to Spam folder or contact is using the wrong email address.

When you realize that an issue is local, it should be easier to find a solution on the device. However, it is important to note that it can be very difficult to find a solution too, especially if the device is damaged.

How can I resolve local issues?

We advise the following:

  • Trying different browsers and/or devices to determine if it is a local issue.

  • Turning the device off and back on.

  • Resetting the browser that is used (if the contact is using a web app).

  • Uninstall and install the Actimo app (if the contact is using a native app).

  • Disable browser Auto-translate.

  • Disable Incognito browsing/open a Non-Incognito window.

  • Enable cookies.

  • Allow Push notifications for the app (mainly on mobile devices).

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