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Upgrade on Safe Area
Upgrade on Safe Area
Written by Heidi Larsen
Updated over a week ago

We have implemented an upgrade concerning the "safe area", which is the area at the top of your mobile phone showing the time, battery etc.

Today this area is white, but going forward the background color of the “safe area” will follow the header background color or image that you have chosen in your theme settings. This is best practice on native iOS and Android applications today - and will give your Actimo App an even better look.

See an example of “before” and “after” here:

Please note, that your employees need to update their app to the newest iOS and Android version for this change to take effect on each individual phone.

Adjustment in theme settings

Please note, if you are currently having a header background image on mobile with eg. your company logo or a GIF, then you will need to do a few adjustments in your theme settings for it to look as expected:

  1. Navigate to theme settings

  2. Change the format of the header background image on mobile to the new recommended format that will fit on all screen sizes (mobile, iPad and desktop): 1160 x 102 px . The mobile only optimised size is 600 x 100 px.

  3. Add your header logo via the “header logo” option in the theme settings for the logo to be placed correctly

If you have any questions or need help to adjust the header background image or logo, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Actimo Support.

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