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Academy Updates

This article will show you some updates in the academy section. Making it easier than ever and more intuitive to create your academies.

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Great news we have made making academies easier than ever before. This article will take you through the new features that will now make your academy-creating experience faster than ever, making it easier than ever to keep your employees engaged with bite-sized onboarding, updates, and continuous learning.

1. Creating new training from the Academy

When you create a new training from the Academy creation mode, the new message will be stored within the folder in which the rest of the messages are created, making it easier and more intuitive to know where to find your messages and keep your editor navigation easy and organized.

2. Selecting multiple trainings at once

You can now select multiple pieces of training at once when adding to an Academy. Once you are in the Academy creation mode, simply click on “Add training”. From there, tick all the trainings you would like to include and press on the “Add 2 messages” option (it will show the number of selected trainings).

3. Creating a new folder from Academy creation mode

You can now create a new folder when you are in your Academy creation mode. You can do that by clicking on the "Add training", selecting the drop-down menu next to the "Create message" option, and choosing the "Create folder" option. You can name your folder and press "Done".

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