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Where can I see Contacts that are opted out?
Where can I see Contacts that are opted out?

No matter how great you are at engaging your audience the rule is that some of your recipients will choose to unsubscribe.

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How can I see if a contact has opted in or out of communication?

You can find contacts that are opted out in a few different ways - either in an All Contacts group or within a specific group. You can also go directly to the contact card

for more specific information.

Check contacts that are opted out:

  1. Go to Contacts or to a Group

  2. Click on the column header called opted out (as shown below) to sort your contacts accordingly. If you don't see the column header, you can add it by clicking the cogwheel on the top right-hand side of the page.

You can also see if a specific contact has opted in or out on their contact card. Contacts are opted in by default, so they have to actively opt-out. Some have opted out of 1 or 2 of the delivery methods, but can still receive notifications through the method(s) they haven't opted out from.

Only the methods allowed will be shown on the contact card. On the example below all 3 are there, if the contact had opted out of SMS, it would only say Email, Push.

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