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How to create a Feed

  1. Create message

  2. Click on Feed and set your preferences:

Message vs. Social - determine whether your feed will display messages or latest posts from your Social Wall.

Show messages - select how many messages you want to display in your feed.

Select categories to filter the message list - click the + and select the category from the dropdown. You can add more categories.

Sort by & show date - select in the dropdown how you want messages to be sorted and shown in the feed.

Options - this is where you determine what other options you want to enable for the feed. 

The visual design of the feed

The Feed is structured so that your messages always appears in the same structured way, do they contain different media files, different length in headers, sub-headers etc.

The app has a structured and compact design, so you can always be sure that your feeds look nice, no matter the title, description or image that you add in your message. Here's the list of the visual content of the feed: 

  • Visible category to show context 

  • Squared thumbnails which gives a structure to the feed 

  • Adding information to thumbnails if video content is included 

  • Previous training scores shown for recall

  • Time stamp: “a minute ago”, “2 days ago”, etc. (After a week, date will be displayed. After a year, annual figures will be displayed)

Actimo suggests

We'd recommend you always make it possible for your end-users to search for key words in a search bar and add the option to load more messages (under Options) , which is switched on by default. As you add more content, the overview will stay the same, but end-users can always see what was previously published to them by loading more messages in their individual feeds.
If the feed is going to contain training, we'd say you should promote quiz retake as well.

Our experience shows that employees really like to know how many of their colleagues have seen, liked or commented a post. This information will encourage them to access and read the messages too.
In the feed you can see: 

  • How many have seen a message

  • How many liked (if the message contains social stats/like module)

  • How many commented (if message contains a feedback module) 

These features are optional and if you wish to change the settings and do/undo them you can go to the Feed module > Options.

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