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Create a homepage module

  1. Create a new message - it is likely a good idea to have a feed and buttons/tiles that take the users to the most commonly used parts of your app. This message is the first thing contacts will see when they open the app (after logging in). It's a great opportunity to collect the most necessary components in one place and provide an overview for easy navigation.

  2. Set the headers or icons for the tiles and/or buttons or upload background images to them for a customized design.

  3. Set overlay and border color as well as opacity, and check unread notifications, and show borders according to your preferences

  4. Set the message as homescreen under admin -> default -> homescreen.

You'd very often want to link to Lists as your action when clicked. Click to read more about creating Lists and adding message to them.

Create a theme

You can customize the theme to match the look and feel of your company and make it default in your messages.

  1. Click on Theme

  2. Click on the plus icon to create a new theme. Type in a name for your theme and make it default

  3. Insert a bookmark icon - e.g. your company logo - to make the web app recognizable for your users when they add it to the homescreen on their phones. You can do the same with the header logo

  4. Now, customize the colors in the header, footer and background to match the identity of your organisation and shape the buttons as you like

Add Menu

You can add a menu to your app to provide people with a quick way to navigate your app, have a place to store important and useful links, and link to other messages in the app.

  1. Create a message

  2. Click on Advanced setings -> Menu

  3. Click on create new (if you have already created a menu and want to attach it to a message, you can select from the drop down menu)

  4. Type in a menu header and add the relevant number of sections. Add a branding header, check the unread count and set the text and background color. Then type in your preferred menu items and choose actions - go to message or go to urlĀ 

Add a button that leads people back

A menu is a great way of leading people forward in your messages. You can add a button at the bottom of your messages to make it easy for people to navigate back as well.

  1. When you're done editing your message, add a Button as the last item in it

  2. Type in a button text - e.g. go to frontpage - and select go to message. In the drop-down choose the message that contains your homepage

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