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What is an Actimo message?

How can messages be sent to recipients?




Adding a button

Adding text to a message

Adding Images to a message

How to create a menu

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What is an Actimo message?

An Actimo message is a web page with a personal link that is automatically created for each contact you send to. You can add pages to each message as well as combine multiple messages to create apps, training sessions, on-boarding flows, and so much more. 

How can messages be sent to recipients?

Messages can be sent via SMS or email. Furthermore, each message has a public link that can be shared, for instance when creating a sign-up - notice that it is not possible to track analytics from recipients of a public link


All messages can be viewed on all devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and display screens. 


Each message has an analytics page. You can track audio and video viewed, conversation rates, page and picture views, survey and quiz questions, and much more. 


Saving happens automatically. When you've written something, created a button, or used one of the many other features, the system saves within a few seconds. You can keep an eye on this in the top-right corner.

How do I add a button to a message?

  • Go to page: If you have created a message, which contains several pages, you can connect them with a button.

  • Go to message: With this feature, you can link one message to another with a button.

  • Go to URL: If you need to link to e.g. your company homepage in a message, you can do so with a button.
    NB. Links have to be secure, which means that all URL's have to be https.

  • Dial phone number: You can add a button to your message that will dial a phone number directly when pushed.

  • Add to group: You can use a button to add a contact to a particular group

  • Remove from group: You can use a button to remove a contact from a particular group.

  • Email recipient info to: Triggers a notification to a fixed email.

  • Download file: Use this to make files available in your message.

How do I add text to a message?

  1. Click on the Text button, under content

  2. Write text in the textbox. If you want to paste a prewritten text, we recommend you clear formatting in order to avoid bringing in unwanted coding. This is done in the dropdown menu in the top lefthand corner.

  3. Use the tags to make the message personal. It will automatically display the individual field value for each contact.

How do I add Images to a message?

How do I create a menu?

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