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SMS Sender Name

Message Categories

Unread Notifications
Prefered Delivery Order

SMS sender name

SMS sender name will be default for all messages when sending. We recommend you choose a name that makes sense to all of your recipients.

Message categories

For message lists you will have to add message categories to sort messages correctly. Here's where you create the categories you need.

How to add new category

  1. In admin, go to 'message'

  2. Type in the name of a new category

  3. Save

Unread notifications

Here, you can set your preferred time frame for displaying unread messages.

Preferred delivery order

  1. In admin, go to 'message'

  2. Select your preferred delivery order from the drop down menu

Both SMS and Email will send both SMS and email when applicable on contacts
SMS, otherwise Email will send SMS to all contact with a phone number applied, otherwise Email
Email, otherwise SMS will send an Email to all contacts with one applied, otherwise SMS

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