In actimo, we strive to always deliver a powerful, yet simple tool for Management Communication. To make it even more simple to create stunning messages, we have cut down on the steps you need to go through when building a message. This guide will take you through the changes. 

From 3 to 2 steps

We have removed 'Step 1' when creating a message without removing any of the functionality. This is done to make it easier for you.



Switch between Normal, Survey, Sms and Presentation mode

The new Mode dropdown allows you to change your message between Normal, Survey, Simple Sms, or Presentation mode.

  • Normal: Like before, your message will always be started as 'Normal' by default. This allows you as always to build messages using all of the modules you have available through the selection to the left. 
  • Survey: Selecting 'Survey' puts your message in Survey mode. This automatically adds a "Submit" or "Next question" button in the bottom of each page, so the user is guided to the next step in the survey. 
  • Simple SMS: This mode lets you send a simple text message.
  • Presentation: Presentation lets you start from a powerpoint or pdf file. 
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