What's New 🎉

  • We just released a new navigation in your platform! Enjoy the enhanced look & feel of the top & sidebars which will provide you a better platform experience to ultimately empower you to engage your colleagues. For more details on how the new navigation works, check out our helpdesk.

  • Another upgrade on your platform! We brushed off your platform’s dashboard and automation pages with a new look and feel. Enjoy the same functionalities, with an enhanced experience. For more details on how dashboard and automation work, check out our helpdesk.

  • Your employees will enjoy a better app experience with the upgrades we have made to our social wall. From now on, your employees can zoom on images, upload multiple pictures at once when posting, and easily share URLs with their colleagues thanks to our new URL preview functionality.

Enhancements 🛠

  • Employees can see embed link in posts previews

  • We have enhanced the style of our button

  • Contact exports have been improved

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Bulk delete is not possible in "all contacts" group anymore

  • We fixed the columns in Academies table

  • Pulse and 1-on-1 analytics page will not show social analytics anymore

  • Automations now appears on the publish page of the message composer

  • Removing rule in automation does not trigger active 'save' button

  • You can now detect if a folder contains any messages within it or its subfolders

  • Smart groups can now be edited when based on a custom field that was deleted

  • Users can view translations for content >5000 bytes

  • Upload module can now support more than one document

  • Contact card cannot be submitted when data picker is required field

  • We fixed themes settings when removing a theme

  • We fixed the open rate on dashboards

  • Translation on comment is now possible

  • Post link previews now also work for SSO authenticated contacts

  • The default language is taken from settings

  • The editor can toggle translation option on a message

  • An employee can toggle translation on a message

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