Written 27.08.2021, by: Jesper Jakobsen

We have recently updated the way our platform looks and made some upgrades on the navigation, to make it easier for our users to find what they need to build a great employee engagement platform.

What has changed?

We have now made it easier than ever to navigate through your Actimo Platform by adapting our sidebar navigation. On the left-hand side navigation bar you will find:

  • Dashboard

  • Messages

  • Academy

  • Tools

  • Media (previously: content library)

  • Automation

  • Contacts

  • Groups

  • Helpdesk (new)

  • Admin (new)

  • Account (new)

What has stayed the same?

Navigating through workspaces still happens from a dropdown menu in the top of the screen.

How will it look?

Below you can see what the new navigation bar will look like and where the changes have happened:

What will the new navigation do?

The navigation was also present in the old design, so there are no new functionalities.

  • Clicking the helpdesk will take you to the Actimo Helpdesk (where this article is also found).

  • Clicking on Admin takes you to the admin settings (requires that you have admin access).

  • Clicking Account takes you to your personal admin/editor account.

What does Admin look like now?

No major changes have happened, but the design had been updated.

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