We have a few exciting improvements this month! On top of that, our tech team has been very busy fixing a lot of bugs for our May 2021 release notes edition!

What's New 🎉

  • Now, when inserting an image in your Actimo platform, you will have access to Unsplash’s photo library of over 1 million stock images – just a simple search away. Find all relevant information here.

    We are empowering you as a content creator, so you can ramp up your employee engagement.

Enhancements 🛠

  • We're taking your Social Wall experience to the next level as you can now select and add multiple files and images at the same time!

  • We make learning awesome! We have a new default time interval for quiz retakes. From now on, your employees will only have to wait 1 minute to be able to access their quiz again and complete their training!

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • The folder path is now also visible in Messages folders

  • We fixed your experience when a user is deleted

  • The pop up to bookmark your app homepage is now adjusted

  • The analytics for videos now shows the number of times your employees have been playing it

  • When sharing a message's analytics, the data will also show content for all feedback modules

  • Academies are now removed from the know-how section

  • You can now create smart group based on email

  • You can now upload pdfs with more than 50 characters in the title length

  • It will now be easier to search for messages that you duplicated

  • We fixed our button module so you can now upload an image directly from your computer

  • Your deleted contacts feedback will now still be visible from the analytics

  • Editing a post with a new attachment is now possible on our social wall

  • We fixed our academy analytics page

  • The comment module is now displayed on the last page of your message

  • We fixed how videos are showing on the native app

  • You can create messages faster now as we fixed a delay users were experiencing

  • We fixed our folder pages

  • You can search for messages that have been copied to another workspace

  • We created a new status for automation and they can now be marked as deleted

  • The message list also shows the number of comments for private message feedback

  • Your header logo is now also visible in the public view

  • Gif format is supported by our image module

  • Our social wall notifications load content

  • Email view of messages has been fixed to show the message entirely

  • The content library filter has been fixed

  • You can now also pause automation

  • We adjusted the drill-down and open rate of our dashboards

  • The default theme will not apply to messages where you selected another theme

  • We fixed our first-time login path

  • Likes & comments in a message are now also visible from the preview and public links

  • Add employee feature is now appearing from managers' profiles

  • Able to drag and drop images also in the message theme

  • Fixed restricted send out

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