Written 23.04.2021, by: Laura Tierney

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When to use the image module?

The image module is great for when you wish to add an image or photo to your message.

How do you use the image module?

  • To start enter into your message composer

  • On the left-hand side of your screen you will see the "image module"

  • Click the image module and you are presented with a pop up message where you can add photos from your "content library" or from your "compute"r.

  • Once you have chosen an image you can choose to "remove" or "replace" the image to see which image suits best

  • You can also add a "caption" below your image which will appear just below your image in the message

  • Click to "edit" the module once created - if you wish you can remove the image and a placeholder will remain so you can see how much space your image will take up.

  • Captions can also be edited and removed too

There you have it 🎉

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