What's New 🎉

  • Our image module now has a new, user-friendly and simple flow that will enable you to create content faster and with a better user experience to ultimately empower you to engage your employees even more.

    The image module can now acts as a“placeholder” in a message, so that editors can leave the module empty as part of a template – and later come back to add in an image.

    In this way, you can get a feel for the image placement and the look and feel of your messages, while still being able to customize or edit the photo inside the image module later on.

    Find out a step-by-step guide on how to use our image module here.

  • We’re enhancing your experience for creating calls-to-action in your employee app.

    We’ve now made it a lot more intuitive to choose if your button should be text or image-based – and simplified the flow for editors to create either type of button.

    Watch our video tutorial here

  • Your employees' app experience is now improved with our new way of loading modules with Skeleton loader! Skeleton loaders are animated placeholders for the content that is loading, which mimic the structure of the content, so it can be seamlessly replaced, when loading finishes. Our skeleton loaders are available on the image module, grid module, feed module, chart module, map module, embed module, and audio and video modules.

  • Our upload module now supports PDFs as well so your employees can now share PDFs

Enhancements 🛠

  • You can now remove several contacts from a group

  • Message theme images are now served in optimized resolution.

  • Our grid module has been upgraded with a new look and feel for a better experience when using the action functionality

  • We updated our smart groups: you can now filter on contact IDs

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • A workspace's dashboard now only takes into account contacts that are in this workspace and shows data accordingly (incl. social wall)

  • Contacts removed from a group are now also removed from the workspace

  • Welcome e-mail to new editors is now including image

  • Fixed module height and statistics for videos

  • Limit allowed PDF usage in Presentation mode to 40 pages

  • Pulse survey can now include more than one comment

  • Fixed presentation mode to also work with PPT files

  • Automations connected to messages have been adjusted

  • You can now test your SSO login page from our admin

  • We adjusted restricted send-out time to avoid start and end time to be the same

  • You can now add a page after the survey when building a pulse survey

  • Group's name is now showing in email notification for social wall mentions

  • PDFs can now be added to Grid Module from Content Library

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